Quantitative, Qualitative or Mixed Methods, What is the difference?

Because mixed methods is a new design, researchers need an introduction to the approach, guidance as to how to conduct the design, and information about the specific procedures involved. Anyway since it is the combination of  quantitative  and qualitative, the researcher  needs  to understand the difference   about these two methodology, not simply claiming using Mixed Method to follow the trend.    Mixed methods is a new approach, but I recognize that others may not see it as a recent approach. Researchers for many years have collected both quantitative and qualitative data in the same studies. However, to put both forms of data together as a distinct research design or methodology is new. Thus the idea of mixing the data, the specific types of research designs, the notation system, the terminology, the diagrams of procedures, and the challenges and issues in using different designs are  collected  from  several articles  to  provide understanding about this issues. Enjoy!

The first article  describes  the difference  between qualitative and quantitative research, then followed by what are the differences  with the new comer called Mixed Method. The last one   describes   what is actually  Mixed method   together with the procedure and condition where to apply Mixed research Method.

Presenting Research Methodology

Presenting Research Methodology

Hypothesis in Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods.

Understanding Mixed Method

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